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Protect your children from infectious diseases

The World Health Organisation extended programme on immunization is provided in all 141 static centres and the vaccines are received from the Government of Bangladesh.

It is extremely important that the mother and the infant receive all timely and necessary vaccinations and immunizations. Immunization is a proven method for the control and eradication of disease.

We offer vaccinations for diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, poliomyelitis and tuberculosis.

Frequently asked questions about immunizations

Different vaccinations will be given to different age groups, guided by the national vaccination schedule.

– All children below 1 year should have up to 5 vaccinations before their first birthday.

– All women of childbearing age (15–49 years), including pregnant women, should receive vaccination against tetanus.

– All girls aged 10 years should be immunised against cervical cancer with two doses of the human papilloma virus vaccine (HPV).

Vaccines can be given in different ways, such as oral or by injection, and at different sites of your body.

Before administering a vaccine, your healthcare provider will give you detailed facts about the immunization and the process.

Most immunizations have no serious side effects, but you may experience some mild ones. Common mild side effects can include:

– Pain or swelling at the site

– Mild fever and chills

– Muscle or joint aches

– Feeling tired

Often over the counter medication, such as painkillers, can help with symptoms. After an injection immunization, the injection site does not need any special care but if there is pain or soreness, applying a cold wet cloth can help.

If there are any further doses needed, you’ll be provided with a return date.