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After experiencing the initial surprise and butterflies of knowing you’re expecting, pregnancy can be an exciting time! Giving your child a great start to life and being an awesome mom starts way before their birth.

Antenatal Care (ANC) is the process of taking care of a woman and her unborn baby during pregnancy. It’s advised that women begin their ANC journey as early as possible in order to get the information they need to enjoy a healthy and successful pregnancy. ANC can be considered a preventative care measure, as it equips moms-to-be with the necessary medical support they need during a critical time in their lives. A normal pregnancy involves monitoring the pregnancy and having at least 8 regular follow-up appointments with a qualified medical professional.

We understand that pregnancy is not just a fetus growing inside you, it is you welcoming this new life into the world. We know how important it is to keep yourself and your little one healthy during this crucial development stage.

Keeping track

The key to getting the most out of your ANC is staying consistent, sticking to the medical regime advised by your doctor and keeping track of your baby’s development through ultrasound scans. The baby’s growth can also be checked at every visit, through uterine height, as well as a fetal heartbeat (from the 20-week mark onward).

Not all women develop complications during pregnancy, but all pregnancies require ANC.  Whether you have existing medical conditions or not,  for your peace of mind, it is advisable to get appropriate ANC as early as possible so that your little one is taken care of.

Complications can be vastly different, early detection will help in finding a solution as soon as possible. A skilled and qualified pregnancy healthcare professional can better understand the warning signs and help provide the necessary healthcare to support you and your unborn baby.

ANC visits are also a time of great joy as you watch your baby’s development and see how they grow. You will listen to your baby’s heartbeat and see him/her moving inside you.

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