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Adolescent health services

Providing health and sexual education services to the young people of Bangladesh

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Giving you all you need to own your future

Making contraception one of the cool kids.

Marie Stopes offers services for teens who take control of their lives and go for their dreams. As well as providing a range of information on sexual health online, we provide a network that offers a safe space where you can talk to your friends, your community and your health care providers about the value of contraception.

Why we focus on adolescents?

There are around 40 million adolescents in the country today, the largest generation in the age group.

They make up one fourth of the country’s population. Adolescents often have higher unmet need of contraception than older groups. Rural, married adolescents with children have the highest unmet need where we work. A large number of adolescent women resort to unwanted pregnancy annually. Pregnancy and childbirth-related complications are the leading cause of death among females 15-19 nationally

What makes our approach to adolescents different?

  • Multiple channels maximise reach, allowing us to target different segments with different services.
  • An established, trusted brand allows us to take a long-term view to programming, advocacy and changing social norms.
  • Routine data systems, disaggregated by age, enabling adaptive and targeted interventions.
  • Working with a wide range of “connected” referral agents from teachers to teen connectors and ensuring continuum of care via the global contact centre from their first need for advice or counsel through to their aftercare.
  • Integrated, holistic interventions, working simultaneously across service delivery, advocacy, social norm/behaviour change.
  • Delivering balanced, client-centred counselling enabling adolescents to have full contraceptive choice.
  • Offering solutions to ensure cost is not a barrier, from waivers and vouchers to free services.

Take control of your future…speak to someone about your options for contraception.


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